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Federal Criminal Attorney in Indiana

Federal Criminal Attorney in Indiana

For over 20 years, our team has handled thousands of criminal cases with dedication and passion. Every client and every case is different, but at the end of the day, they are always real people facing real consequences.
Our commitment to never lose sight of this fact means working relentlessly towards a fair and just outcome for you. From the beginning to the end of your case, you will feel confident that we can help.

Types of
Federal Offenses

Federal cases are complex and require significant knowledge and experience. The attorneys at Stracci Law Group have decades of federal criminal experience and are ready to put our combined talents to work on your case. All federal cases begin with a free consultation.


Northwest Indiana Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The Stracci Law Group will guide you through the entire federal criminal process, from the very beginnings of an investigation and, if need be, through the indictment, plea agreement or trial, and sentencing. When you hire the Stracci Law Group, you put decades of federal criminal defense experience on your side.

While defending criminal charges in state court is serious business, defending criminal charges in federal court is another matter altogether. Federal rules of procedure are unyielding, the charges are usually complex, and the stakes are exponentially higher. The federal government has virtually unlimited resources at its disposal and spares no expense to investigate and prosecute its citizens.

If you are currently living under a cloud of a federal investigation, you will most likely feel enormous pressure to speak with federal agents who are investigating the case. That is usually not in your best interest, which is why the Stracci Law Group recommends that you consult an experienced federal criminal defense attorney before talking to anyone about your case. And if you have already been indicted, we can still help you. We prefer that you contact us immediately so we can work quickly and decisively to protect you and your future.

Why do you need an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

You need to make sure you hire the right lawyer for your case. Federal cases are not state cases, and consequently, an attorney with a good reputation in defending state court criminal cases may not be the best choice to defend your federal criminal case. You should always ask any defense attorney you choose to consult about the number and type of federal criminal cases they have defended, their knowledge of federal criminal offenses and penalties, federal court rules and procedures, familiarity with the federal sentencing guidelines, and their experience dealing with the local United States Attorney’s office and the federal judiciary.

What types of federal criminal cases does the Stracci Law Group defend?

Schedule a Free Consultation about your Federal Criminal Investigation or Case!

Federal laws and courtroom procedures are extraordinarily complex. When you hire the Stracci Law Group, you get an entire team of experienced federal criminal defense attorneys with a long history of defending federal criminal cases who will work to protect your future. We want you to be confident that we are the best choice for you. Call the Stracci Law Group today at (219) 525-1000 to schedule a time to meet with us in person to discuss your case and learn more about our services, knowledge, and federal courtroom experience.

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Committed professionals providing unmatched service for your personal injury and criminal defense needs.

Stracci Law Group is proud of the multifaceted team it has assembled and looks forward to putting its combined talents and resources to work on your case.
How can we help?


How do I know if I am being investigated for a federal offense?

Sometimes, our clients do not know they are under federal investigation until formal charges are filed.  The following are possible indicators you or your business practices may be the subject of a federal investigation:

- Have you been arrested, detained, or questioned by federal agents?
- Have you been arrested and released for a state offense that is also a federal violation?
- Have government agents approached you, someone you know, or those with whom you conduct business and asked questions about you or your business practices?
- Has a search warrant been executed on your residence?  Or, has a search warrant been issued for your bank, computer, or business records or for the records of someone you do business with?
- Have you received a target letter stating you are the target of a federal grand jury investigation?  Or, have you or someone you know received a grand jury subpoena requesting production of documents or testimony before a grand jury?·Have federal or state regulatory agencies recently conducted an audit of your business or filed a civil complaint against you or your business?

Why am I being investigated for or charged with a federal crime?

The federal government prosecutes crimes which violate federal laws and regulations, crimes committed against the federal government, and crimes committed against another person or entity when the crime has a connection to interstate commerce, crosses state lines, or in some way impacts the federal government.

Will I be allowed to post bail in a federal case?

Not always.  In state court, a bail amount is set automatically by a judge either when charges are filed or at the initial hearing. Often all you have to do is turn yourself in, pay the assigned amount, and you are released to go about living your life while the case is pending.

In federal court, you are arrested and brought to the court for an initial hearing. During the initial hearing, the judge will ask the government if it is seeking to detain you while the case is pending. If the government says yes, the court will schedule your case for a detention hearing and you will be held in custody until that hearing. At the detention hearing, both the government and you will have the opportunity to present evidence and the judge will then decide whether you pose a flight risk or a danger to the community. The court may decide to keep you in custody for the duration of the case, release you on an unsecured bond where you would pay no money upfront, or release you under supervision conditions like reporting on a regular basis to a pretrial services officer or wearing an electronic monitor.

Should I take a plea agreement or go to trial?

At this stage, no attorney can answer that question and you should be leery of any attorney that does.  No attorney knows the answer to that question until they have studied the particular facts of your case, carefully reviewed documents, records and other evidence, interviewed witnesses, researched the law, and examined all potential defenses. You deserve nothing less than a full investigation prior to sitting down with your attorney and discussing whether it is in your best interest to either take a plea agreement or to go to trial.  From the moment you hire the Stracci Law Group, we will begin to comprehensively review your case so that we may give you the advice suited to your unique circumstances and secure the best possible outcome for you.

Am I facing prison time?

In most cases, yes.  The majority of federal crimes are serious felonies that carry lengthy federal prison sentences, payment of large fines and restitution, and forfeiture of assets. Federal drug, violent, and sex crimes may also carry mandatory minimum prison sentences.

For those federal felony crimes without mandatory minimum sentences, federal judges will use the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to calculate what your recommended sentence should be.  In the vast majority of federal cases the guidelines recommend a term of imprisonment.

It used to be that federal judges had to impose whatever sentence was dictated by the sentencing guidelines. That is no longer true. Nowadays judges may consider a myriad of other relevant factors besides the guidelines. The ability of judges to now impose sentences that are lower than those called for by the sentencing guidelines makes it more important than ever that you hire a team that is also recognized for federal sentencing advocacy. The Stracci Law Group works with you to develop and formally present reasons why the court should mitigate or be lenient in its sentence.

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