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Modern business formation seems easier than ever.  If you’re starting a small business, or even a large one, there are forms online that can be processed with the State to get you going.  However, this ease is deceptive because there are considerations beyond simply picking a name and processing a few pieces of paperwork.

For example, you’ve probably heard about limited liability corporations and the advantages of the corporate form with regards to litigation.  But do you know what the State reporting requirements are?  How to designate the type of accounting you intend to do?  What happens if one member in your corporation decides she doesn’t want to be part of your business venture anymore?  Is an LLC even the right way to put together your business?  There are other options with strong advantages.

It is said in business that to have an effective start, you must contemplate the end.  Having an experienced attorney from the inception of your business protects you from the pitfalls down the road.   Call today to speak with Attorney Joshua Malher, who has helped countless businesses form, operate, and succeed.


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