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At Stracci Law Group, we know you have many options for an automobile accident personal injury attorney in Crown Point, Merrillville, Hammond, Lake, and Porter Counties, and throughout the State of Indiana. Every lawyer in our firm strongly believes in providing the highest quality legal representation for a car crash or collision, with a client-first focus, reliable and aggressive advocacy, and decades of experience. Our professional team of Indiana car accident lawyers offers attentive, individualized service for your unique circumstances and will work with you and for you to obtain the best possible result when you’ve been involved in a car accident as the result of the negligence of another driver.

Types of Auto Accidents We Handle in Northwest Indiana

Every automobile accident is unique, but there are a few types of accidents we see come into Stracci Law Group more often.  There are certain techniques used by our office to deal with each of these scenarios, and we custom tailor our work to make sure you receive the best possible representation and results.

Rear End Collisions

Perhaps the most common sort of automobile accident, and, fortunately, the one least likely to cause very serious injuries.  Often other drivers will be distracted on the road by using a cell phone, fiddling with the radio, or otherwise preoccupied with something other than the safe operation of their vehicle.  Other times, a negligent driver may simply be following too closely, causing a collision when you stop at a stop light or slow down for traffic.  

Sideswipe Collisions

As with rear end collisions, a driver may be distracted when they enter your lane of traffic, and the cars end up brushing against one another, causing damage and loss of control of your vehicle, which can result in spin outs or forcing you into a ditch or lane divider.  These types of accidents are more often on the highways or interstates of Northwest Indiana, and often at very high speed, so injuries can be very serious.  

“T-Bone” Collisions

Often occurring at stoplights, where, in an attempt to “beat” a red light, a driver may enter the intersection, causing a front-to-side collision where the vehicles are perpendicular to one another (hence the “T” shape of the two cars).  These collisions can be very serious, as most vehicles are less reinforced on the sides, with mere inches of plastic between you and another vehicle striking your door.  

Head-on Collisions

This is the most terrifying and frequently injurious type of automobile accident, in spite of the many technological advances we’ve enjoyed, such as airbags, collapsing front fenders, and seatbelts. The speeds of each of the vehicles involved in a head-on collision are effectively doubled, causing massive damage to cars, SUVs, and their drivers and passengers.

Common Lake County Car Crash Injuries

There is nothing at all “common” about auto accidents (except, perhaps, for how frighteningly often they occur), nor the injuries which result from them.  However, there are some injuries we see more frequently when someone is involved in an automobile collision.  

  • Concussions
  • Sprained joints
  • Bone breaks
  • Cuts (also called “lacerations”)
  • Bruising (also called “contusions”)
  • Back, neck, or spine injuries, including displaced discs, cracked vertebrae, or whiplash
  • Muscle pain or strains
  • Organ or torso damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Skull crack
  • Psychological injuries, like depression, anxiety, or fear of driving
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Death or catastrophic, systemic injury

Back, Neck & Spine Injuries

Back, neck, and spinal injuries are some of the most common consequences of a car crash and can result in lifelong damages like paralysis and chronic pain.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Every injury unrelated to bones, from bumps and bruises to torn ligaments and muscles, to whiplash can be deemed a soft tissue injury.

Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), are devastating, impacting a victim’s life permanently and potentially resulting in personality changes, mental illness, uncontrolled outbursts, mood swings, and anger.

Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma has consequences that are often just as distressing as a physical injury, but can be difficult to prove without an experienced car accident lawyer in Northwest Indiana.


Car collisions can cause paralysis to victims, leaving them without the use, or a severe reduction in the function, of their limbs


Tragically, death can be a result of car crashes, leaving the victim’s family and friends devastated, with lifelong trauma and expenses.

Common Causes of NWI Auto Accidents

Reckless, distracted, and negligent drivers are commonplace, and their irresponsibility leaves people vulnerable to all kinds of injuries. There are many potential causes of car accidents, including:

  • Distracted driving (including texting, talking on the phone, and even eating and drinking)
  • Driving while intoxicated (alcohol or drugs) 
  • Speeding 
  • Reckless driving
  • Vehicle defects

Whatever the reason for the accident, our team at Stracci Law Group will get to the bottom of it to get you the maximum recovery you are entitled to. A Stracci Law Group car accident attorney in Lake County will methodically review every detail of your case, from eyewitness testimony to police reports and any other evidence, ensuring we are well-equipped to tackle your case. 

How Our Indiana Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help?

The professionals at Stracci Law Group are here to help if you are involved in an automobile accident.  We can provide you instruction on what you need to do to first insure that you get the medical care that you must have to return your life to normal.  We’ll assemble your medical records and bills, and negotiate with the insurance companies who will take any opportunity they can to give you less than you deserve when you’ve been injured by the negligence of another driver.  And at Stracci Law Group, our seasoned attorneys are not afraid to go toe-to-toe at trial...we’ve selected talented trial attorneys from the Northwest Indiana area and beyond who have amassed nearly eighty years of combined legal experience.  

Why Choose Our Crown Point Auto Accident Lawyers?

As mentioned, you have many options when it comes to your representation for your personal injury matter, but we believe one consultation with our attorneys will ensure you select Stracci Law Group for your auto accident matter.

  • You are important to us. We pride ourselves on our ability to explain complicated legal issues in simple, plain language that you can understand and help you feel confident about your choices.
  • We work WITH our clients, as well as FOR them. When you bring your case to our office, we will collaborate on your case so that you are heard, and your concerns addressed.
  • We are honest about outcomes. Many law firms will promise you the moon, and then have to apologize when reality sets in. Our attorneys have collectively been in practice for decades and know what to expect from a case. We’ll talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and if we do not believe we can meet your expectations, we’ll tell you so. We want you to feel secure knowing we are always acting in your best interests, and we’ll take the time to explain our reasoning, rather than giving you less than what you believe you deserve and having to “walk back” our promises.  
  • Bottom line: we care about people. You’re not just a number…not just a case. We understand what you’re going through because our experience has shown us the best way to be an advocate for you.  Automobile accidents and the process of seeking compensation can rob you of your feeling of safety and protection. We will get that back for you.


“Mr. Stracci and his team are competent and professional in every way. Stracci Law Group delivers very high quality services for extremely reasonable prices. You will not regret the decision to have Paul represent you in a court of law.”
Aaron Adams, Injury
“Paul Stracci Law Group handled my case to the end with a win. I realized I did not have to worry about anything after my first phone call and consultation. I highly recommend Paul and the Stracci legal team. They get things done. Thank you, Paul.”
Todd Becker, Injury
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What to do after a car accident and when to get an attorney?

After a car accident, you should exchange names and insurance company information with the other driver.  Do not make any admission of fault or offer any apologies, no matter how minor you might believe the accident to be.  When the police arrive, keep your description of what happened as simple as possible and, again, make no admission of fault.  If you are offered transportation to the hospital, you should go.  Auto accident injuries can be difficult to self-diagnose and you can have injuries that are being “hidden” by the shock and adrenaline that arise out of a collision, like soft tissue injuries or concussions.  It is important to remember that auto injury cases are, at the end of the day, personal injury, which requires that there is evidence that you have actually been injured.  Medical bills are one of the measures of your injury, so when you’re involved in an accident, if you have no medical bills, it often means you have no actionable personal injury case.

How much can someone sue for a car accident?

This is a frequent question, and the answer requires a bit of explanation: you can sue someone for any amount of money you want if they have been negligent and caused an automobile accident.  However, how much you demand and how much you are entitled to are often very different numbers.  There are considerations like the limits on the negligent party’s insurance policy, the amount of money you actually owe in medical bills, the amount of time you were unable to work, and what proof can be offered as to your mental or emotional distress caused by the accident.  That said, the attorneys at Stracci Law Group have recovered millions of dollars for their clients, and we’ll make every effort to get you the maximum recovery also.

How long does an Indiana car accident settlement take?

This is another common question, and the answer is that every case is different. Some cases resolve in settlement relatively quickly, if liability is not in dispute and the injuries are clear. Others take more time to develop. However, it is important to keep in mind that we do not begin to negotiate on your behalf until you have reached maximum medical improvement, meaning that you’ve been released from any doctor’s care, and are as close to recovered as you can possibly be. A good rule of thumb would be to say that most cases resolve within one to two years after you’ve fully recovered from your injuries.

Do most car accident cases go to Crown Point court?

Most automobile accident cases resolve in settlement.  Trial occurs in roughly five percent of cases.  Settlement allows certainty for both parties, and a guaranteed recovery for you, so it is often desirable.  However, the professionals at Stracci Law Group will go to trial if we cannot reach a fair settlement on your behalf.  We are, at the end of the day, trial attorneys, and if the insurance companies will not settle for what you deserve, we’re more than happy to let a jury decide.

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