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Wrongful death damages never really make up for losing a loved one in a fatal accident, but Stracci Law Group aims to deliver justice in the form of substantial compensation. Our experienced legal team of wrongful death lawyers in Indiana will stop at nothing to ensure you have the best possible chance of recovering medical expense costs and more.

Losing a loved one is a traumatic, painful, and difficult experience for any family. Still, the right accidental death attorney can bring the responsible party to justice.

If your loved one died due to intentional or negligent acts, our Indiana wrongful death attorneys will build your case and vigorously pursue justice with a well-paced and focused strategy.

Indiana recognizes two separate types of wrongful death - adult wrongful death and child wrongful death, with very significant differences between the two in terms of who can bring an action, who can recover, and how much compensation is available. We are top Indianapolis wrongful death attorneys specializing in both of these types of personal injury claims. Our phone line is always open, and our team is always ready to assist you.

Wrongful Death Case Types We Handle in Indiana

Before moving forward with a case, you should first know “what is a wrongful death suit?” You should also be familiar with the most common kind of wrongful death cases, as this will help you determine whether your case has a good chance of delivering compensation. 

A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit that seeks damages from an individual or organization who acted negligently and caused death as a result. It is not a criminal case but a civil suit typically resolved with a financial settlement. 

As a wrongful death requires proof of negligence and a breach of duty, there are some fairly common types of wrongful death cases. These include:

Pedestrian Accidents

While rare, pedestrian accidents that occur due to an individual driving recklessly, carelessly, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are tragic. Worst of all is that they are avoidable.

Auto Accidents

A fatal auto accident case must prove that a driver acted without care or in a negligent or reckless way. It may also relate to an accident being caused by a faulty car, by the driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or any other breach of duty that results in another person’s death.

Defective Equipment/Products

Manufacturers of equipment or consumer products have a duty to abide by all relevant laws and provide safe products for consumers to use. All products must also be labeled to avoid misuse and help people remain safe while using the product.

If a duty of care to customers was breached and resulted in death, you might have a case.

Semi-Truck & 18-Wheeler Accidents

Vehicle and semi-truck accident suits are pursued to target drivers who acted recklessly or organizations/bodies responsible for taking care of the trucks. Depending on how the accident occurred, you may be able to file a wrongful suit against the truck’s owner or driver.

Workplace Accidents

Wrongful death at the workplace is one of the most tragic personal injury accidents. They can occur due to a variety of workplace hazards, ranging from exposure to toxic chemicals to dangerous equipment.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can take many forms, from misdiagnosis to failure to appropriately treat. If you have lost a loved one due to medical negligence, it is important to speak with an Indianapolis improper treatment attorney who can help you understand your rights and options.

What Determines Wrongful Death Damages in NWI?

Wrongful death damages are determined by several factors and will vary depending on the kind of suit you file. 

Indiana recognizes both wrongful death actions and survival actions. The purpose of a wrongful death action is to compensate the family of the deceased for costs arising from burial, administering the estate, psychiatric care for surviving dependents and family members, loss of future earnings, and loss of the love and companionship of the deceased. 

Survival actions, by contrast,  are designed to cover expenses such as medical expenses for a protracted stay in the hospital.  Its ultimate purpose is to recover money so that the estate isn't hit with massive medical bills that drain all of the recovery won in the wrongful death action.  Without a successful wrongful death suit, there can be no survival action.  

Punitive damages and compensations for grief cannot be recovered in either a wrongful death action or a survival action. The damages our Indianapolis wrongful death lawyers will seek may be determined by the following factors, among many other possible factors:

  • A loss of consortium
  • A loss of companionship and love
  • The pain and suffering experienced between an accident and death
  • Burial/funeral costs
  • Loss of income from the deceased person
  • Loss in inheritance
  • Loss of the value of services the deceased would have provided
  • Loss of care or nurturing from the deceased
  • Any medical treatment costs incurred pre-death

How Our Skilled Lake County Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help in a Wrongful Death Case?

A skilled wrongful death attorney from Stracci Law Group will fight tirelessly for you and your family. We know that money will never replace a loved one, but it will pay for medical costs and help you cope with your loss.

Our incredible team of lawyers works in three steps to pursue and achieve justice for you. 


Get in touch, and we’ll discuss the intricacies of your case, learn more about you and your family, and consider what kind of damages are appropriate for you. 

Our consultations are an excellent opportunity for you to get to know more about us, our approach to your case and become acquainted with the process of building your case. 

Determining Liability and Building Your Case

Once we know the facts, our wrongful death Indiana attorneys will share knowledge to determine liability and build as strong a case as we can. We’ll predict possible bumps in the road and counter-arguments and ensure we’re always two steps ahead.

Vigorously Pursuing Justice

We will then move forward with your case and vigorously pursue justice for as long as it takes, ensuring  that every possible liable party and every cent of damages you are entitled to is identified, attached to the case, and recovered on the survivors' behalf.

Why Choose Northwest Indiana Wrongful Death Attorneys from Stracci Law Group?

We Handpick the Right Attorney for You

Our wrongful death law firm has a wealth of experience in a wide range of wrongful death cases. With every new case, we carefully select the right wrongful death attorney near you to deal with your case based on their experience and knowledge.

Regular Meetings Ensure a Strategic Focus

Every member of the Stracci team meets regularly to collaborate on cases, provide input and advice, and ensure a strategic focus on every single suit.

Free Consultations

We’re always here for you. Right by your side.

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My son had the need for representation by an experienced attorney. Attorney Michael Woods exceeded our expectations and the cost turned out to be less than we were originally quoted. We felt confident and comfortable calling and speaking to his assistant Lynne DeRolf with questions and concerns. Their professionalism, knowledge and honesty is outstanding. We would not hesitate to use this law firm again should the need ever arise and would highly recommend them to friends and family. I would give them more stars if possible.
Kathleen Huball
Shoutout to Peter & Lynne who were amazing through the entire process. Very responsive & helpful throughout my entire case & got me the results I wanted! Will use them again if I ever need an attorney.
Fantastic team. They made me feel comfortable, handled my questions with the utmost professionalism and knowledge, and a special shoutout to Jennifer for bringing lightness to a process I had absolutely no desire to experience! The Stracci team really made an impact and I can't recommend them enough.
Nate Chatigny
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How much is a wrongful death lawsuit worth in Crown Point, Indiana?

Every lawsuit is different, but wrongful death suits can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions of dollars. The amount you may be eligible to claim in compensation depends entirely on the incident, the circumstances and context around it, and the amount of money the person or organization responsible for the death has available to pay.

How hard is it to prove wrongful death?

A wrongful death lawsuit is extremely serious. To prove that a death was wrongful and that somebody is responsible, you must be able to prove that the individual died as a result of negligent actions, recklessness, and carelessness.

There must also be a breach of duty. Drivers, for example, have a duty to be safe on the road. A plaintiff must prove that the defendant breached their duty.

Causation must also be proved, showing how the individual’s negligence caused the death, and damages must also be substantial.

Who can file a wrongful death claim in Lake County?

Generally, the executor or personal representative of an estate for a deceased person must initiate a wrongful death case in the case of an adult. Because children do not often have an estate, the parents of a deceased child can usually bring a wrongful death without the need to be appointed executor of an estate. Every situation is unique, however, and we recommend if you think you may have a wrongful death suit that you contact our wrongful death attorneys in  Indianapolis for a free consultation.

How long does it usually take to settle a wrongful death suit?

Anyone filing a wrongful death suit should expect to wait between one and four years. Not all wrongful death cases end in settlement, however, and trial can take even longer than four years. 

Lawsuits so serious will require a lot of legal wrangling, with the person accused of negligence fighting as hard as they possibly can to avoid liability for damages. 

Stracci Law Group won’t give up the fight, and with our passion and experience, we’ll give you the best possible shot of claiming all damages you and your family deserve.

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