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White Collar Crime

White Collar Criminal Defense Law Firm in Northwest Indiana

The federal government places a high priority on prosecuting white collar crimes, and it assigns aggressive prosecutors to investigate and charge white collar offenses.  Give yourself a fair chance by consulting with our Northwest Indiana federal white collar criminal defense attorneys.  

Because defending federal white collar crimes is a complex endeavor, you really need to begin defending your case from the minute you learn that you are under investigation. Don't wait for an indictment or court date, securing our help at an early stage has the potential to impact how your investigation or case proceeds.

Regardless of whether you live or work in Hammond, Crown Point, Gary, Portage, or elsewhere in Northwest Indiana, a federal white collar crime attorney from Stracci Law Group can help you.

What Are White Collar Crimes?

The term “white collar crime” refers to a variety of financially motivated federal crimes.  White collar crimes are characterized by fraud, deceit, concealment, or violation of trust.  While each case has unique elements, typically these sorts of allegations are lodged against business owners and employees, medical or other professional services, government employees, and elected officials. 

When Are White Collar Crimes Considered Federal or State?

The federal government prosecutes white collar crimes that impact the federal government or a federally funded program. It also prosecutes white collar crimes that affect interstate commerce by crossing state lines.

Nowadays, virtually all communication and electronic activity affects interstate commerce.  That means your cell phone calls and texts, tweets, emails, faxes, social media use, online searches, and even communicating by U.S. mail, could result in a federal indictment.  

We Work With Different Types of White Collar Crimes

We defend all types of federal white collar crimes. While most Northwest Indiana defense attorneys are solo practitioners, we are unique. We are a team of six attorneys.  Four of us are former prosecutors.  Two of us are career defense practitioners.  With 80+ years of combined experience on both sides of the aisle, we understand all varieties of Northwest Indiana federal and state criminal prosecutions.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is using illegal methods to obtain funds or property from a financial institution, like a bank, or from depositors by posing as a financial institution.


Bribery is using money to induce a public official to perform or neglect an official duty. Extortion involves the use of or threats to obtain something of value.  

Credit Card Fraud

You will require a white collar fraud lawyer if you’re accused of fraudulently obtaining something of value using someone else’s credit card number or identifying information. 

Computer and Internet Fraud

The term “computer and Internet fraud” encompasses a broad range of conduct including using a computer or internet services to advance a scheme of fraudulent activity, like credit card fraud or identity theft. 


Embezzlement is misappropriating or outright stealing money or property entrusted to you by another, typically by your employer.

Lying to a Federal Agent and Perjury

Lying to a federal agent occurs when one makes false or misleading statements to a federal law enforcement agent. Perjury is lying while under oath.

Misprision of Felony

Misprision of a felony is failing to report the commission of a federal felony or concealing your knowledge of the commission of federal felony offense.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is using another person’s identifying details, like their name, credit card number, or social security number, for financial gain.

Mail/Wire Fraud

Mail or wire fraud is using mail or wire services to conduct a scheme of fraudulent activity.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is concealing the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by depositing it in offshore banking services, or disguising it as the profits of legitimate financial activity.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is mistating, misrepresenting, or omitting information on a mortgage application that a lender relies on to fund, purchase, or insure a mortgage loan. 

Public Corruption

Public corruption is any violation by a public official of their duty, including accepting bribes, stealing public funds, and violating campaign finance rules.  Most public corruption charges include allegations of mail or wire fraud, money laundering, or tax evasion.

Tax Crimes

Tax crimes are those involving the use of illegal, deceitful means to avoid tax liability.

Penalties for Federal White Collar Crimes

Federal penalties for white collar crimes run the gamut from organizational fines to decades behind bars. The following is a list of possible federal penalties: 

  • Imprisonment
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Criminal Forfeiture

What should I do if I’ve received a grand jury subpoena?

The federal government charges crimes through use of a grand jury.  To obtain documents and evidence to present to the grand jury, the government sends out grand jury subpoenas ordering a person or business to provide testimony, documents, or both.  Grand jury subpoenas are court orders, and you must appear in court to testify or provide documents in the manner indicated on the subpoena.  

Regular people often get tripped up by the grand jury process.  Mistakes, even choices that seem right at the time, can result in your being charged with federal crimes like perjury, false statements, or obstruction of justice.  Before complying with a grand jury subpoena, you should speak with a white collar crime defense attorney to discuss your compliance options. 

If I have been contacted by federal agents but haven’t received a subpoena, can it be considered as a federal investigation?

Almost certainly yes. Federal agents typically don’t spend their day contacting people for no reason, so it would be unlikely that an agent would contact you if you weren’t already under government suspicion.  It is always better to err on the side of caution, assume you are being investigated, and speak with a white collar criminal defense firm to discuss your options. 

How Can a Northwest Indiana White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

If you are a target or subject of a federal white collar criminal investigation, the first thing you need to do is retain a federal white collar defense attorney to:  

  • Examine your case, and decipher how the facts and the law fit together.
  • Look for weaknesses, and use those weaknesses to bolster your defense.
  • Advise you against committing errors that could damage your defense. Some of these errors might not be at all obvious to you but could result in devastating consequences.
  • Identify procedural errors, investigative mistakes, or constitutional violations made by government investigators or attorneys, and use that to your advantage. 

For a skilled white collar crime attorney, turn to Stracci Law Group. We have seen it all and have successfully represented clients just like you in countless federal criminal prosecutions.  We will spare no effort to aggressively protect your interests against the allegations lodged against you.   

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Our White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Team Behind You

Paul G. Stracci, the leader of our team, defended a murder case only 10 months out of law school and won a complete acquittal. He has since developed a powerful reputation as a devastatingly effective criminal trial attorney.

The Team Behind You

Maryam Afshar-Stewart, a former prosecutor, has risen rapidly as a criminal defense attorney thanks to her remarkable work ethic and undying commitment to the cause of justice for her clients.

The Team Behind You

Michael Woods is an experienced criminal trial attorney who has handled thousands of cases ranging from simple traffic tickets to complex homicides. A deputy prosecuting attorney for nearly 10 years, Michael knows what makes a case weak or strong, and can give clients an honest and realistic evaluation of their case.

The Team Behind You

Alison L. Benjamin began her legal career years ago as a state court prosecutor. She is known to be a thoughtful and passionate litigator, and now focuses her practice on representing clients charged with federal crimes. Her tenacity makes her well-suited to resolve the complexities that arise in defending clients charged with federal crimes.


"If you got legal issues I highly recommend this company. They got me out of a jam! With all charges dropped. And reasonably priced."
Cliftin Branch, Criminal Case
"I can actually say that Paul is a GREAT LAWYER!! Takes care of business. He got a very big felony dismissed that was hovering over my life for a couple of years and stopped me from doing many things freely, He also got a Dui Dismissed as well as a few other things! My record is now clean. Thank you Paul Stracci!"
Timmy ShellToe, Criminal Case
"I just want to reach out again to thank you. I’m so incredibly grateful for all your help and hard work. We both are!! My entire family is. I could never say thank you enough. In my head, I knew that he was innocent and never intended for any of this to happen. That he was only defending himself but the fact that they charged him and put him in jail was so terrifying. From the very first time I talked to you over the phone and then came in and met you both, I knew God helped me pick the right attorneys. My son was in the very best hands he could be in. Thank you for also putting up with my constant emailing, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted you to have all of the information I had. I will forever be grateful and I will also definitely be telling anyone I know that needs an attorney to come to your firm. I will tell everyone how amazing you gentlemen are for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
Timmy ShellToe, Criminal Case
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What to do if I am being investigated by a federal agency?

If federal agents have commenced an investigation, arrests will likely follow. Retain a white collar law criminal defense attorney immediately. Waiting only increases the chance that you may damage your defense, whether by action or inaction.

What factors should I consider when choosing an attorney for a federal white collar case?

When choosing a federal white collar criminal defense attorney, consider the following factors:

  • Your gut feeling. Do you trust this lawyer? Does your lawyer care about the outcome of the case?
  • Successful experience representing federal white collar criminal defendants. There is no substitute for this.

How can I protect myself and my company during a federal white collar investigation?

First, be careful what you say to corporate counsel. Corporate counsel represents the company, not you personally. Be even more careful what you write by email, because almost all of it can and will fall into the hands of prosecutors.
Additionally, don’t try to cover anything up. The consequences of a coverup are often worse than the consequence of any crime that may have been committed. Lastly, the importance of retaining a white collar law firm cannot be overemphasized.