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Northwest Indiana Public Corruption Attorney

Northwest Indiana Public Corruption Attorney

Federal prosecutors and agents pursue allegations of public corruption in all levels of federal, state, and local government. Unfortunately, the mere suggestion of public corruption, no matter the truth, can destroy a public official’s political career and erase a lifetime of hard, honest work for those they serve. 

We defend all types of federal public corruption crimes. While most Northwest Indiana defense attorneys are solo practitioners, we are unique. We are a team of six attorneys.  Four of us are former prosecutors.  Two of us are career defense practitioners.  With 80+ years of combined experience on both sides of the aisle, we understand all varieties of Northwest Indiana public corruption prosecutions.

We Can Help With Different Types of Public Corruption Cases

We can defend you against the following types of public corruption charges, among others.


Bribery occurs when one gives an item of value, usually money, to a public official with the intent to influence their official actions or duties.  Giving money to a public official in exchange for their vote on an issue important to your business like a hiring contract or work order is an example of bribery that would require you to find a bribery attorney.


Embezzlement occurs when someone in a position of trust misappropriates or siphons money from their employer, business partner, or company.  In the public corruption context, it occurs when federal funding is fraudulently diverted from its intended use, or skimmed, to line various pockets.

Campaign Law Violations

To ensure election integrity, political campaigns are regulated by both federal and state law.   Concealing the identity of donors or masking the source of corporate campaign contributions may violate federal law.

Money Laundering

Money laundering occurs when a person conceals income to hide evidence of illegal activity.  This occurs when campaigns funnel money through companies to conceal the identity of the true payee, or when political parties illegally steer money to campaigns without disclosing the true source of the funds.

Bid Rigging

Bid rigging occurs when government entities, public officials, or their employees collude with contractors to fix the results of a bidding process that is publicly presented as competitive or required by law to be competitive.


Graft is a type of political corruption wherein a politician uses their authority in an unethical manner for their own personal gain. This abuse of power occurs when a politician deliberately misdirects public funds to benefit private interests. 

Honest Services Fraud

Honest services fraud, as defined by the Supreme Court, consists of "fraudulent schemes to deprive another of honest services through bribes or kickbacks supplied by a third party who has not been deceived." 

Ghost Employment

Ghost employment occurs when a public official puts a person on the public payroll in name only.  The person is then paid public money for nonexistent work..  

How We Defend Against Public Corruption Charges in Northwest Indiana

Creating an effective defense against public corruption allegations requires you to get started early, investigate thoroughly, and gather the right evidence, among other critical activities. We can help you with the following matters:

  • Pleading requirements: In a public corruption case, the prosecutor must plead and prove each element of your charged offenses. If there is any weakness in the prosecutor’s pleadings, we will seize upon it and file a motion to dismiss your case. 
  • The discovery process: During the discovery phase, each side demands evidence that is in possession of the other side. The discovery process is complex and difficult, but it must be done thoroughly and with precision.
  • Witnesses: Accountants and service providers often serve as key witnesses in public corruption cases. It is important to locate these witnesses, secure their cooperation, and prepare them appropriately.

Stracci Law Group Can Help You With Your Case!

If you have been charged with public corruption, you have no time to waste.  Public corruption cases are typically complex, and prosecutors are trained to exploit every nuance in the law. This is no time to go it alone. You are going to need experienced public corruption attorneys at your side throughout the process.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Team Behind You

Paul G. Stracci, the leader of our team, defended a murder case only 10 months out of law school and won a complete acquittal. He has since developed a powerful reputation as a devastatingly effective criminal trial attorney.

The Team Behind You

Alison L. Benjamin began her legal career years ago as a state court prosecutor. She is known to be a thoughtful and passionate litigator, and now focuses her practice on representing clients charged with federal crimes. Her tenacity makes her well-suited to resolve the complexities that arise in defending clients charged with federal crimes.

The Team Behind You

a former prosecutor, has risen rapidly through the ranks of criminal defense attorneys as a result of her focus, work ethic, singleness of purpose, and relentless pursuit of justice.

The Team Behind You

Michael Woods is an experienced criminal trial attorney who has handled thousands of cases ranging from simple traffic tickets to complex homicides. A deputy prosecuting attorney for nearly 10 years, Michael knows what makes a case weak or strong, and can give clients an honest and realistic evaluation of their case.


"If you got legal issues I highly recommend this company. They got me out of a jam! With all charges dropped. And reasonably priced."
Cliftin Branch, Criminal Case
"I can actually say that Paul is a GREAT LAWYER!! Takes care of business. He got a very big felony dismissed that was hovering over my life for a couple of years and stopped me from doing many things freely, He also got a Dui Dismissed as well as a few other things! My record is now clean. Thank you Paul Stracci!"
Timmy ShellToe, Criminal Case
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What is petty corruption?

Petty corruption is corruption committed by a low-level public official, typically for small stakes. A police officer might accept a small bribe, for example, to “fix” a traffic ticket. This is when you would need someone trained as a public and police corruption attorney.

Does the Media Influence Corruption Cases?

Unfortunately, the media takes a strong interest in public corruption cases and exerts great influence on public opinion. An experienced public corruption attorney can help you protect both your freedom and your good name under these circumstances.

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