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It has happened to everyone: you’re given a document as long as a CVS receipt, and your eyes begin to blur while you read it.  Perhaps it is a contract for your employment or to sell or purchase a high-ticket item.  Regardless of the words on the page, it is important to understand the meaning behind any document before you sign it because at the end of the day, if your name is written on the bottom, it is assumed that you understood what you’ve signed.

Stracci Law Group has more than sixty combined years of legal experience within the firm. We’ve reviewed thousands of documents and know what to look for to protect your rights and ensure that you’re not signing your life away.  For a reasonable hourly fee, we will review your document and provide you with a clear picture of what you are agreeing to by signing.

Don’t wait until you’ve already signed to find out what you’ve agreed to.  Call Stracci Law Group today to speak to one of our attorneys who will give you the information you need to keep yourself safe.


Hired them immediately after being served with a court hearing. Thanks to Stracci Law Group, specifically Peter Fouts, the petitioner dismissed the order before going to court. Easy win and one less stress off my plate.
Brandon Theis
Thank you Attorney Paul Stracci! Simply put you are amazing! Such understanding, integrity, and compassion in times of trouble. We appreciate you and highly recommend! Also Jen is the best. You make a great team. Cannot thank you both enough!
Tamra Steele
Stracci Law Group has just reached a new milesone. With exponential growth, Attorney Paul Stracci has achieved the coveted 5 Star Star Status in my Google Reviews North America for Stracci Law Group, PC. He knows what many unsuccessful businesses for some reason fail to comprehend; "in most industries, word-of-mouth is everything and good follow up can make or break reputations, integrity, and ultimately the success of any business." I have heard nothing but positive reviews and praise from everyone in regards to Attorney Paul Stracci and his law firm. Stracci Law Group has lived up to the highly regarded performance and results my Google family gives him. My friends and colleagues from Northwestern School of Law and Kellogg School of Management were all correct when recommending Stracci Law Group. I'm delighted that my 5 Star Review will positively influence many minds throughout the network. Whether a wrongful injury, criminal matter, or simply any legal matter for which you need to hire THE BEST, my recommendation will always be Stracci Law Group, PC
Mike G.
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