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Indiana State Sex Crime Attorney in Crown Point

Being charged with a sex crime can turn your life upside down. Along with years in prison, you face serious damage to your reputation. At the Stracci Law Group, our Indiana sex crimes defense attorneys work hard to protect our clients' rights and fight on their side against criminal charges.

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Lake County or anywhere else in Northwest Indiana, contact our office to speak with a seasoned Indiana sex crime lawyer today.

Common Types of State Sex Crimes in Northwest Indiana

Indiana sex laws detail numerous sex crimes and their consequences, which are uniformly severe. Anyone charged with the following Indiana sex crimes should seek representation from an experienced sexual assault attorney in Indiana.       

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery occurs when one person unlawfully touches another without their consent and for the purpose of arousal. Sexual acts performed on severely mentally disabled individuals are considered criminal sexual battery because those individuals cannot consent.

Additionally, the person alleged to have committed the sexual misconduct or assault must have either knowingly or intentionally done so. A sex assault attorney in Indiana can provide further detail.

Prostitution and Patronizing a Prostitute

Prostitution refers to the act of offering or engaging in sexual activities in exchange for payment. In Indiana, these activities include oral sex, anal sex, penetration, fondling, and other similar actions. Patronizing a prostitute may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the defendant’s record.

Public Indecency

Indecent acts typically involve exhibitionist behavior. In most of these cases, sexual arousal is the desired result. Simple public displays of affection will not lead to criminal liability.

However, more overtly sexual acts will, such as:

  • Having sexual intercourse in public;
  • Being naked in public with the intention to cause arousal, either for the accused or someone else;
  • Fondling of one’s own or someone else’s genitals in public.

These actions could net a misdemeanor or felony public indecency charge.

Child Molestation, Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, and Child Solicitation

Crimes involving sexual misconduct with a minor have specific penalties.

Child molestation occurs when an adult engages in sexual acts with a child under 14, whereas sexual misconduct with a minor refers to a sexual act performed on a minor between 14 and 16 years of age. Child solicitation occurs when an adult requests, demands, authorizes, or urges sexual acts from a minor.

Child Seduction and Incest

Child seduction occurs when someone 18 years old or older commits sexual acts with a child.

The person committing the act must have some authority or power over the minor, such as:

  • Grandparents, adoptive parents, and legal guardians;
  • Daycare workers;
  • Teachers;
  • Therapists;
  • Medical professionals;
  • Law enforcement officers.


A rape conviction is among the most severely punished in Indiana. Defendants who face rape charges are accused of performing sexual intercourse with another person without their consent.

Rape sometimes involves deadly force or threats, but it can also happen when the victim is unaware it is occurring or when the victim is mentally disabled. Because of the high stigma surrounding this form of sexual assault, the consequences of a rape conviction last a lifetime.

Child Exploitation and Pornography

Child pornography crimes involve the production, distribution, or possession of pornographic materials depicting minors. Making these materials available to another person may result in a child exploitation charge.

Sex Offender Registry Offenses

Registered sex offenders can be charged with sex offender registry offenses due to violating rules. In many cases, these violations are unintentional.

Some of the most common registry violations our attorneys defend against include:

  • Failure to register or to do so in a timely manner;
  • Residing somewhere other than at a registered address;
  • Lying or failing to provide material information while registering.

Failing to register when moving is also a common registry violation.

Federal Sex-Related Offenses

While you may be charged by the state for sex crimes, they are often investigated and charged in a federal court. At Stracci Law Group, we can provide a vigorous sex crimes defense against federal sex-related charges, including:

  • Internet sex crimes;
  • Human sex trafficking;
  • Child sex trafficking;
  • Transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity;
  • Aggravated sexual abuse;
  • Sexual abuse of a minor;
  • Coercion and enticement.

A conviction for a sex offense, whether state or federal, can result in time behind bars, stiff fines, and lifelong sex offender registration.

Schedule a Consultation with a Crown Point Sex Crimes Lawyer

Every allegation of a sex offense is different, but they all require an attorney with the experience, skill, and tenacity to get to the truth of the matter. Stracci Law Group has handled hundreds of sex offense cases ranging from simple registry violations to child molesting to felony rape. Contact us today for help.

Punishments and Penalties for Northwest Indiana Sex Crimes

Punishments and Penalties for Northwest Indiana Sex Crimes

If you have been accused of a sex offense, you may not know what the actual allegations are until you have been arrested and charged.

Almost all sex offenses are felonies that can result in longer prison time and tougher probation terms than other offenses, and lifelong residency and registration requirements are common.

Certain aggravating factors can lead to higher penalties:

  • The use of drugs in the commission of the sex crime;
  • The use of a deadly weapon or deadly force;
  • The use of threats or forceful coercion;
  • Circumstances involving domestic violence;
  • Criminal sexual acts committed against a minor under 14;
  • Record of criminal convictions.

Indiana penalties for sexual assault and similar crimes are harsh. For example, rape may be charged as a Level 3 felony. A conviction could result in prison time of between 3 and 16 years and a fine of up to $10,000.

For federal sex crime charges, punishments and penalties tend to be more severe than state charges. Sentencing requirements for each federal sex crime charge are contained in Title 18 of the U.S. Code. Some federal sex crimes come with 5-, 10-, or 15-year mandatory minimum sentences, which could increase depending on a person’s prior convictions.

Indiana sex crime lawyers fight to protect their clients from the full force of the criminal justice system. If you have been charged with a sex crime, contact the Stracci Law Group for representation and speak with a sexual assault lawyer in Indiana today.

The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act

The federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) required states to maintain a system for monitoring and tracking convicted sex offenders after their release to the community. SORNA created a nationwide sex offender registration database and imposed a national set of minimum sex offender registration and notification standards, including rules on where convicted sex offenders may work, live, reside, and move.

Each state has a sex offender registry, while the national SORNA database tracks all convicted sex offenders, including those with a federal sex crime conviction.

SORNA categorizes sex offenses into three tiers based on a number of factors, including the type of sex offense, the age of the victim, the length of the prison sentence, prior convictions, and other aggravating circumstances.

  • Tier I Offenders: Must maintain registration for 15 years and have their photos taken every year to verify their identity.
  • Tier II Offenders: Must maintain registration for 25 years and have their photos taken every six months.
  • Tier III Offenders: Must register for life and have their photos taken every three months.

Tier III juvenile offenders have a chance to be removed from SORNA after 25 years if they keep a clean criminal record.

Indiana also maintains a Sex & Violent Offender Registry and requires certain people with a violent or sex crime conviction to register for at least 10 years.

Under Section 2250 of Title 18, U.S. Code, it is a federal crime for a federal sex offender to knowingly fail to register or update their registration as required by SORNA.

If you are on a sex offender registry or may be required to join one, it is important that you fully understand the conditions and restrictions that apply to you. If you have questions or concerns about sex offender registry rules, it’s best to ask a Northwest Indiana sex offense lawyer for advice.

Consult with Indiana Sex Crime Attorneys

At the Stracci Law Group, we represent individuals convicted of sex crime charges, and we know just how much the registry complicates their lives. As your Northwest Indiana sex offense attorneys, we can give you the information and counsel you need that will help keep you out of trouble.

To discuss your case with a member of our team, contact us online or by phone today.

Potential Defenses to Sex Crime Charges in Crown Point, IN

If you are facing sex crime charges, you have the right to a vigorous criminal defense. The Stracci Law Group can review your case and determine the most appropriate defense to mount.

Depending on your circumstances, one of the following defenses could be available to you:

  • Innocence;
  • Alibi;
  • Consent;
  • Lack of intent;
  • Misidentification;
  • Mistake of fact;
  • Entrapment;
  • Insufficient evidence;
  • Illegally obtained evidence.

As the accused, you have constitutional rights that our sex crimes lawyers will work hard to protect:

  • The right to remain silent;
  • The right to counsel;
  • Protection against unreasonable search and seizure;
  • The right to testify in your defense;
  • The right to a public and speedy trial;
  • The right to an impartial jury;
  • The right to require the State to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt standard;
  • The right to present exculpatory evidence and subpoena witnesses to testify on your behalf;
  • The right to cross-examine witnesses presented by the prosecution.

If your constitutional rights have been violated, our Northwest Indiana sex crime attorneys could mount a robust constitutional defense.

For example, suppose that the police obtained evidence in an unlawful search and seizure — a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. In that case, your criminal defense attorney will likely argue to get that evidence thrown out.

Why Choose Stracci Law Group for Experienced Defense for Indiana Sex Offenses?

Lawyers from the Stracci Law Group have represented thousands of clients. We have built a solid reputation as fierce defenders of our clients' rights and freedoms and are not afraid to take cases all the way to trial. And if an appeal is in order, you can expect us to vigorously represent your interests.

We fight hard to get our clients the most favorable outcome we can. Whatever charges you are facing, you can rest assured that the Indiana sex crimes defense attorneys from the Stracci Law Group are on your side.

Because of our dedication to our clients, we don’t back down. Our reputation for diligently defending our clients precedes us.

Contact our office today to speak with an experienced Northwest Indiana criminal defense attorney.

Schedule a Consultation About Your Crown Point Sex Offense Case

An Indiana sex crimes attorney from our team is ready to discuss your options for defense against state and/or federal sex crimes in Indiana. Call today for a consultation and learn how we can help you with your case.

Schedule a Consultation About Your Crown Point Sex Offense Case

An Indiana sex crimes attorney from our team is ready to discuss your options for defense against state and/or federal sex crimes in Indiana. Call today for a consultation and learn how we can help you with your case.

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Our Northwest Indiana Sex Crime Lawyers

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Alison L. Benjamin began her legal career years ago as a state court prosecutor. She is known to be a thoughtful and passionate litigator, and now focuses her practice on representing clients charged with federal crimes. Her tenacity makes her well-suited to resolve the complexities that arise in defending clients charged with federal crimes.

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Paul G. Stracci, the leader of our team, defended a murder case only 10 months out of law school and won a complete acquittal. He has since developed a powerful reputation as a devastatingly effective criminal trial attorney.

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Maryam Afshar-Stewart, a former prosecutor, has risen rapidly as a criminal defense attorney thanks to her remarkable work ethic and undying commitment to the cause of justice for her clients.

The Team Behind You

Michael Woods is an experienced criminal trial attorney who has handled thousands of cases ranging from simple traffic tickets to complex homicides. A deputy prosecuting attorney for nearly 10 years, Michael knows what makes a case weak or strong, and can give clients an honest and realistic evaluation of their case.


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