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Civil Battery

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Civil battery is when someone has physically assaulted another person and caused them injury, whether by fist, foot, or weapon.

Civil battery cases are fairly uncommon, as most intentional acts against another person are typically not covered by insurance, which renders most defendants in a civil battery case uncollectable.  However, this does not mean that you cannot recover against someone who causes you injury through their violent actions.  Personal assets can be seized, including orders of garnishment against an offending batterer in particular types of cases.

Call today if you’ve been injured in a fist fight or through the overt violent act of another person.  We will sit down with you and examine your options, and if a case is available to you, we will seek the maximum possible recovery for you.

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From my experience these guys hand down are the best who genuinely care about the client instead of how much money they can make. I would refer to anyone and will choose this firm. Thanks again for everything guys and Mr. Woods and Lynne for being so polite and on top of everything and always helping me with some other questions I had. My only regret is not using them on some prior cases.
Jim Adams
Very professional and friendly,, definitely the best lawyer in the region hands down. Paul and his staff especially Jennifer communication with clients is excellent and gives u secure feeling. Paul got mostly all my charges dropped he's good, Highly Recommended
Mike Woods has to be one of the top lawyers in this region, very professional, intelligent and simply outstanding in my opinion. He got my case done in a timely manner which was critical in keeping my job, one of the, if not the best attorney around.
Jermaine Todd
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