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Car Accident Police Report: What Is It and How Can It Help?

Car Accident Police Report: What Is It and How Can It Help?

If you have suffered a car accident in Crown Point, Indiana, or elsewhere in the state, the police will probably come to the scene and create a report on your car accident. Consequently, you need to know where to get a report on a car accident. The most convenient way to obtain Indiana car accident reports is online at BuyCrash.

What Is a Police Report in a Car Accident?

The police can create a police report for any number of reasons. Automobile-related police reports include police reports for vehicle thefts, carjackings, and car crashes, among other reasons. In a car accident report, the police will conduct a basic investigation into a car accident.

So what is in a police report for car accidents? A car accident report, which Indiana calls a vehicle crash report, includes the responding officer’s conclusions about the accident.

What Does a Car Accident Police Report Include?

So exactly what is in a police report for car accidents? Much of its contents include information to which the officer might testify at a trial or deposition, such as:

  • The date, time and location of the accident;
  • Names and contact details of drivers, passengers, and anyone injured or killed in the accident;
  • A description of any injuries;
  • Names and contact details of witnesses;
  • A description of any property damage;
  • A description of the vehicles involved, even to the point of recording their VINs;
  • Names and badge numbers of responding officers;
  • A description of road and weather conditions;
  • The officer’s opinion of the causes of the accident.

The police report may contain other information as well. Remember, you cannot simply assume that all of the information is complete or accurate. The information in a police report can be challenged.

What Does a Police Report Do?

The creation of a police report is a standard part of the ordinary car accident reporting procedure. So what is a police report used for? The most important use of a car accident police report is at the negotiating table, where your lawyer or the insurance company might use it to advance their position on your claim.

How Important Is a Police Report in a Car Accident?

A police report can serve as a critical tool for resolving your car accident claim. Police reports are generally not admissible as evidence in court. However, most car accident claims are settled at the negotiating table rather than in court.

Following are some of the advantages of a police report:

  • The insurance company will probably require a copy of the police report before it will issue a settlement offer.
  • A police report indicates what the officer will testify if the case does go to trial. If the police officer contradicts their own police report, the contents of the police report can be used in court to discredit the officer.
  • The word of a police officer is highly respected by both insurance adjusters and juries. As a neutral third-party witness, a police officer normally has no reason to lie.

Remember, you can challenge any false or misleading information in a police report.

How to File a Car Accident Report in Crown Point, IN?

If the police don’t come to your accident and create a police report, you should create and file one. You can file one too, and you are expected to do so unless the police did it for you or the accident was extremely minor (see the FAQ section below for details). Your accident report should include:

  • The date and time of the accident.
  • A description of the weather conditions, visibility, and the exact location of the accident.
  • Photographs of any injuries or property damage. Photos of the scene of the accident and the vehicles involved. Make sure to carefully photograph any injuries or property damage.
  • Insurance information for you and any party who may have been at fault.
  • Names and contact details of any witnesses.

Feel free to add in anything else that you may feel is relevant.

How to Locate Car Accident Reports in Crown Point, IN?

Where do you get a police report for a car accident? Without one, you could have trouble getting compensation from the insurance company. To obtain a copy of Crown Point police reports, you need to navigate to the BuyCrash site, sign up for a membership, and input the following information:

  • The state (Indiana);
  • Your name;
  • The relevant police department (Crown Point, IN PD, for example). This is determined by the location of the accident and which police department’s officers showed up at the scene.
  • The date of the accident; and
  • The location of the accident (the nearest intersection).

There is also a space for you to input the report number, but you won’t need it as long as you fill in your last name and the date or location of the accident.

Should I Report a Car Accident to the Insurance Company?

Yes, you should, at least if you are planning to seek compensation. Reporting a car accident to insurance, however, requires you to watch what you say. Make sure you consult with your lawyer in advance to learn how to report a car accident to insurance. This will keep you from making any statements that the insurance company could use against you later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a police report for a car accident?

Yes you do, if the police don’t do it for you. Indiana law requires a report to be filed with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles within 10 days This requirement applies if the accident involved injury, death, entrapment of another person, or damage to property other than the vehicles involved. Only very minor accidents are exempt from the reporting requirement.

How can I obtain an Indiana police report online?

Navigate to the BuyCrash website and follow the instructions.

Are car accident police reports public records in Indiana?

No, they are not. You may have to provide justification for seeking a police report. Your involvement in the accident, however, justifies your demand for a copy of the police report, because you will need it to support or defend a compensation claim.

Now is the Time to Start Preparing Your Claim

If you have suffered a car accident, or if one of your relatives died in a car accident, you might need to file a claim for damages. Since Indiana is not a “no-fault” auto insurance state, it all depends on whether the accident was someone else’s fault. You need to know whether you have a claim, and if so, how much it is worth.

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